Are Web Developers Able to Work from Home?

Are Web Developers Able to Work from Home?

 Web developers do have the ability to work from home and in even some cases their sole job is to work from home. This is what you would call a remote developer. Each has its pros and cons, but the general consensus is most people want to work from home; because who wants to wear pants? But really though.

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How Do I Get to Work From Home as a Web Developer?

 This really stems from where you apply and what kind of job you accept. Some places may not let you at all, others may have a specific day of the week they let their web developers work from home, and some leave it up to your discretion within reason every once in awhile. This really depends on where you accept your position. In some cases if you are exceptionally good at your job, it is possible to negotiate working from home some days. In general though, most web developers will work in an office.

How Do I Get a Remote Only Job?

 Landing a remote-only job is no easy feat, as many people desire to work from home. You have to separate yourself from the crowd and other resumes. Just because you got noticed does not mean you will get the job. You have to pass their coding test and make a great impression, remember when searching for a job; you are selling yourself. Typically remote jobs will not hire a web developer without previous experience. This is mainly due to the fact that you have not worked in a team environment before nor have you had the chance to grow at your first developer job. Being a web developer who works at home, they expect you to be somewhat self-sufficient.

 There is always a lot to learn within this field, but I truly believe your first job and how you handle your learning will immensely set you up for the rest of your career. Personally I have learned so much since taking my job. I really did not know how to do a lot within the development world, and I still do not think I know a lot. Grow each and every day and you will have moments where you look back and be surprised at how much you have grown! With all of this in mind, that is why I think it would be easier to land a job first, and figure out all of the expectations.

Try This Route:

 With all of this in mind, while LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other sites will definitely have options; I think the most center focused place for finding a remote job is at

What If I Get Stuck or Need Help?

 This is a big proponent of why they usually will not hire someone the first time around. Developers need to be more self-sufficient. Now that is not to say you cannot ask for help or you will not receive any. They will definitely be on slack, available to talk, and you will usually have a small team you can reach out to for when you have questions.

 But it is just not quite the same when you are working remote. Because depending on what you are doing you are going to have to push to your git repo branch, wait for them to pull it down, have them go through the code, and then get back with you on what went wrong. Whereas when you are in the office with your boss or team, it is a lot easier to bring your laptop over to them and solve it together.

Are There Any Cons to Working Remote?

 The cons to working remote would be social interaction. Why some people may say they hate their coworkers or being around people is a lot of work. In some ways that is true, but humans are social creatures. At first, it may be nice, but if you are someone who really enjoys talking to people it may be a different change you weren’t expecting. Because it is literally just you, in your house, by yourself. This may not be a con to some, but for someone who enjoys being social it will definitely be a change.

 It is also worth noting that if they do not have a set schedule, you will need to hold yourself accountable for getting your work done. While this sounds simple, waking up and making sure you get everything done may take a bit of getting used to, as you may find yourself getting distracted at first.


 I don’t think we could have a blog about working from home without mentioning freelancing. This one takes a bit more work to get income from but has the lowest barrier to entry. The hardest part is client acquisition, as is with many things. This also may not be only from home, remote and will involve some sort of in-person meetings, travel, and other circumstances depending on how you get your clients.

 For many this is an ideal goal; working for yourself, setting your own hours, and having freedom. This sounds amazing, but you really have to think about what you do with your day. You could work all day trying to get clients and get nothing. Whereas with a normal job, you could stare at the wall for 5 hours, make some coffee, and send a few tweets and still get paid for that day. Freelancing is a results-driven business. If you are not actively searching while working on your projects you will not last. You need to be landing your next job before you finish your current one to make sure you have enough income coming in.


 Web development opens a lot of doors for people in the area of working from home. It really boils down to just how motivated are you to get where you want to be?

 Do you want to work for yourself, set your own schedule, etc? Then freelancing may be a great option for you especially if you can bring in the necessary income for your situation. Do you like the idea of a set schedule but working from home? Then after getting some experience maybe a remote job would be a good fit for you. Maybe you do not want to leave your current job but would like to work from home. Try negotiating with your boss for a test day of working from home. When you do get the chance to work remote, you need to prove yourself. Try to get a day or two a week in to test out or become your regular schedule. There are many options out there, and if this is something that you want to do, you just need to go after it!