Do Web Developers Work Long Hours?

Do Web Developers Work Long Hours?

 Web developer hours can be a blessing and a curse. Personally, for me they work out to be amazing. I came from the restaurant industry where I worked even longer hours and a lot of nights. So as a web developer I typically work 40 hours a week 9a-5p and love it. My hours can vary depending on due dates, projects, meetings, etc. It really depends on the company or who you work for; but personally, for me I find the work life balance to be amazing.

 If you are interested in what a typical day would look like, this article breaks down what a typical day would look like.

How Long Should I Expect to Work as a Web Developer?


 This really depends on the job you get. I think it is really important to get a feeler of a typical day by asking questions before accepting a job. Some places will be fairly relaxed and preach a work life balance. Others may work 12 hour days and push for a lot out of their employees. When applying for a job, it is really important to get a feeler of the culture and atmosphere as it may not be a good fit for you. In general, most agencies will try to stick to the 9 to 5 hours given that most of their clients will follow that as well. If working for a company then it can vary depending on their needs and work culture.

How Many Hours Would I Work If I Worked From Home?

 These hours would not change too much if the job was at home. When you work remote, you usually keep similar hours and work during that timeframe. Some people may get the luxury of setting their own hours and just meeting deadlines. Web development is a results-driven industry so it is not unheard of to set your own hours. Just keep in mind, that this is not the norm by any means. 40-50 hours is a pretty common guideline for web developers. If you work at a startup or an aggressive agency, you may lean towards the 50 hour range, while other options will lean towards the 40 hour range.

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What is the Web Developer Work Life Balance Like?

Work Life Balance

 Personally I find the work life balance of a web developer to be amazing, but this can be subjective to the person. If you work at an agency that requires a lot of long hours, that may not be a good fit for you if you have a family. I think I find the most enjoyment in life when I enjoy my work. It makes the balance feel a lot better. I have worked jobs where I have hated them for the entire 50-60+ hours a week. I usually think of ways to get out of that job while I am working there. It took a toll on me mentally. This also took a toll on how I felt about work life balance.

Extra Hours, What Are Those Like?

 From personal experience, I do not find it to be that bad. This can vary depending on where you work though. In some cases, this can be a factor in your performance or advancement within the company depending on the work you do and how invested you are in their success. Generally, it is expected for you to do everything in your power to make sure the deadline is met. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when a deadline gets pushed back for various reasons; but in most cases, you should always try to shoot for reaching the deadline.

 For me, I generally try to keep tabs with all the deadlines I am responsible for. When deadlines are coming up I either try to do everything I can within my normal work hours to get them done, or I plan accordingly knowing I will probably have to stay late a certain day. In some cases, a job may require some tougher deadlines, depending on your responsibilities and role there. With higher roles comes greater responsibility, but as an entry-level web developer I would not worry too much about having to work more than usually 40-50 hours.


 Work life balance is something very important to consider when trying to find a job or career field you are interested in. As you will be spending a lot of your time here throughout the week, it is important to find something that will make you happy. This will allow you to have time for your personal goals and well being. A job that holds you back from that may pay the bills for a while. But ultimately it will leave you unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. So make sure the ask fact finding questions like, “What does a typical day look like in this position?”. Asking questions about the position, what you will be doing, and things of that nature will give you a better insight into what the culture of the workplace is and if it will fit into your current lifestyle and goals.

 If you are looking at becoming a developer, I write about the process and break it down step by step here! Cheers!