Is Becoming a Web Developer Hard?

Is Becoming a Web Developer Hard?

 Becoming a web developer can be a daunting task for some, while others may see the process as streamlined and easy. I do not think there is a one size fits all case here in this scenario; but I think that anyone who has the desire and puts in the proper work can get to where they need to be here.

Am I Fit to be a Web Developer?

 There are definitely some personality traits or requirements of the job that may not suit some people. Logical thinking, communication, ability to research, and being unafraid of the unknown and change are amoung the most prominent that one must overcome when being a web developer. If anything on that list makes you uncomfortable, this may not be the career for you. But if the thought of the unknown, an always changing industry, and you have the soft skills for this; this could be very lucrative for you.

How Much Time Does It Take to be a Web Developer?

 This is very subjective to the amount of coding time you put in, and how you learn. Some people learn from trial and error, others like structure, and some can pick it up naturally. None of these are inertially wrong, there are also significantly more methods to learning than just those few, but what is important to know here; is that you need to know how YOU personally learn. Figuring out that you specifically need to do your own projects and to struggle through them to learn will save you hours fumbling through lectures, lessons, and attempts to learn which get no where.

  I took the approach of use courses to get a base understanding of what I need to know. Then I did my own projects that added a little bit to the tutorial or forced me to research and learn a bit more on certain subjects. I usually learn best by doing. I cannot learn from books or audio dictation very well. But that will not hold true for everyone, as everyone has their own way to learn. By acknowledging the way I learned best, I think it really expedited my process into becoming a web developer.

Where Do I Get Started?

 Attached I have a graphic that I think has really useful information about being a web developer.(coming soon) It is at a high level and by no means is comprehensive, but it gives a general idea for those who are looking into the field. They give a good general place to start for someone researching where they should start. It talks about the basic languages that one should know when becoming a developer, but this can vary depending on one’s location.

 When looking for a job in your area I think it is really important to look at job postings near you. The job postings will tell you information about the job, and general things about the company; but what I am mainly interested in is their stacks and required languages. I did this when I was looking for a job and got an idea of what was required in my area. When it was job search time, I had a portfolio that matched what employers were looking for in my area.

Portfolio, Why is it Important?

 As portfolios are concerned, personally I think this is the most important part of becoming a web developer. This is where you get to showcase your skills and everything that you have learned. Employers will value a degree to an extent. But if your ability to create and develop shine, this will be how you get into the field. I personally think people spend way too much time on tutorials and not enough time on the things that matter like their portfolio. The best way to gauge what your portfolio should look like is to look around twitter, reddit, and various sources online about current web developer portfolios. This is where I got the inspiration before creating mine.


 Is becoming a web developer hard? For me not so much, even though I had my doubts. But this is subjective to whoever is reading this or currently in the process. I personally had a lot of doubts until I finally succeeded in getting into the field. I had heard many stories of success, but had yet seen any for myself.

 So I will leave it with this. Code consistently each and everyday that you can. No one is perfect. Life happens and there will be days that you do not get to do much or if anything at all. What matters is that you are consistent over the long term and are making active efforts to grow each and everyday. Over time, this will bring you to a place where you start to feel ready, and when you start to feel comfortable; I think it is time to take the plunge. Apply to as many places as you can, remember each “no” is one more step to getting a yes. I applied to 76 different jobs before I got my yes, so I fully understand the struggle; just don’t give up!